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Custom Pet Blanket

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This personalized Custom Pet Blanket can turn your warm memories into a comfortable afternoon for you and your furry friend. It is suitable for bed, sofa, camping, cold movie theater or traveling!

Another big plus to this blanket over others is the SIMPLICITY of the design. So many manufacturers add crazy colors and graphics which ultimately make the blankets an eye sore. Instead of offering a blanket that you'll struggle to find a reasonable place to show, this simple and modest design make this blanket an elegant addition to any room, while still sharing your love for your pet.

We love our pets, and  commemorating them with their vary own blanket is always worth it. Whether as a personal addition to your own pet's comfort, or for a friend who you know will appreciate a personalized gift resembling their best friend. The joy and comfort is always worth it.

Available in different sizes because our our best friends come in all sizes themselves:  100 x150cm,130 x150cm,140 x180cm,150 x200cm,150x220cm

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